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Established in 2007, one of the oldest running communities.

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We are Elite Liberal Gangsters.

We first launched in January 2007, and have been opening our doors to thousands of players for the past 10 years. Our script has been developed significantly over this period of time, and is now the most advanced it has ever been. It's been a long time since we advertised ourselves, however we feel now would be the ideal time to do such action with our community growing stronger by the day, and our server sitting at 60+ players on a daily basis since re-joining the hosted list.

Recently we have expanded our team and become part of a gaming community under eLg, which contains an experienced set of admins who have been administrating servers for 8+ years and have been apart of the SA:MP community since day one. The aim of the server is find the right balance between the players who want to come and freeroam freely within a server and enjoy the benefits of a well scripted server, and the type of player who wants to come and roleplay with a group of players within a community, we have attracted each of these types of players for years and both have enjoyed the server in harmony.


Join a growing community of gamers and roleplayers who are dedicated to creating unique experiences.


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